a question about some buttons on websites.

ken lawrence

Hi friends. Ken here. I have recently found a new cartoons website and I’d love to watch them.  There is a problem and I’m pretty sure it’s asn NVDA issue.  On videos instead of it playing automaticly there is a start playback button.  I hit it with enter, space bar and even move the mouse to focuse on it and  nothing happens.  I have noticed the same thing on submittion buttons on CD baby and a few other sites.  It  is as if there is something inside the button that NVDA can’t quite see.  Can anyone on list take a look at www.b99.tv, search for the flintstones and pick any or the 169 search results and find out what is inside that button that NVDA can’t seem to focuse on and activate it.  It identifies it as a button and as a playback button but can’t activate it. 


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