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Sky Mundell

Thanks, and I will make sure he has those sources.


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Hi Sky


It is Gene from New Zealand. I noted that you said about NVDA and the teckie guy and what he said.


About 10 years ago a basic version of NVDA went into our library system here. it was rolled out to the rest of the country later on that year. Every year they have updated NVDA to the latest version of NVDA


You could not do this with a commercial version of a screen reader. I also told them about windows eyes free offer and they were not even interested. the lady or guy that pit onto the network when we got a award she had a cus who was visually impaired.


It covers from the top of New Zealand to pretty much the bottom of New Zealand at about 150 locations and NVDA is on about 750 computers throughout the network. If they are worried they can always lock it down and also stop portable access as well.

In my town here we have computers and i can go up to any one and there is a copy of NVDA on it.


The following link will show there is NVDA on there computers at


The next link shows the locations where NVDA can be accessed throughout New Zealand at

It looks as though the news article goes to another page now so will either find it or remove it the same with magnification.


I can also put the person in contact with them and who to talk to as well.


My website seems to be going up and down and am wondering weather to stay with them or get another or even a new domain name.


Actually i just googled the article so will link it up there. The article can be found at

It is the article that went into the local news paper way back then.

I would if you do show him show the links straight to those pages as I know on my page where it is it will not help if the site is going up and down.

if he is worried about security

as i said he can always lock it down but make sure he does not remove the shortcut to start it.

NVDA is also in 2 information centres here in Taranaki and also at a training provider here in town.

When you do look at the nvda user statistics for new zealand you will notice the update feature is turned off so will not show unless people have it on.


I will tidy up the page tomorrow that has the info on it so it is up to date.


Hope it helps.


gene nz


Gene nz

On 11/9/2017 6:39 PM, Sky Mundell wrote:

Hello All. Today, I was at our monthly technology meeting at a public library here in Victoria, British Columbia, and NVDA was one of the screen reading options discussed to a new participant who had low vision. However, the tech at the library looked at it, and he told the group that it was less secure, and they commented that it was better for home use, rather than in corporate environments. Would NV Access staffers like to comment on this issue, and what can be done to address this issue? Because they were going to settle on the Window-Eyes for office option back when it was being updated, but as we all know it got discontinued and they did look at Window-Eyes as an option and they were more in favour of it due to it not being Open Source. They also did have JAWS for a time but got rid of it due to lack of training and they would have had to spend money to get somebody from FS to train them on it.  Any suggestions you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Sky.



Check out my website for NVDA tutorials and other blindness related material at Regardless of where you are in New Zealand if you are near one of the APNK sites you can use a copy of the NVDA screen reader on one of their computers. To find out which locations (or location) is near to you please visit (Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa). To find an NVDA certified expert near you, please visit the following link The certification page contains the official list of NVDA certified individuals from around the world, who have sat and successfully passed the NVDA expert exam.

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