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The original question being is Seamonkey as accessible as Thunderbird. The answer in my opinion is it is close to being as screen reader friendly as Thunderbird, but is not quite as good. That said though, the issues I encountered with it weren't critical problems, just some edit boxes wouldn't read their contents automatically when I set up my email account with Seamonkey, but I had a separate window open for Thunderbird displaying my existing account settings for that so I could enter the details accurately in Seamonkey, and it was reading properly in Thunderbird but not Seamonkey. That having been said, that's a common issue I encounter and the solution is to manually arrow through it, it just doesn't tell you what's filled in already when you tab to it is all. I also was using JAWS at the time not NVDA so  your mileage should be rather different on that front anyway.

I do feel like Seamonkey is less laggy than Thunderbird. I don't know that for certain since I've only ran it once and I've been using Thunderbird for quite a few years now.

To Gene's comment about column headers not being accessible. There is a way to move them with JAWS, but I'm not sure if that can be done with NVDA. You do the drag and drop keystroke caps lock shift+8 to manually move them around. In this way I was able to fix it so that it says unread before it says who the message is from, and then the subject etc. Also there is a way to turn column information on or off so certain bits of info that you don't want won't be read at all, and NVDA can do this. I think if memory serves you start at the top of the list, then using object navigation you go left one or more times until you find some actions button. I believer this is the one that brings up a menu that can be used to check or uncheck columns that you want to be present.

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On 3/5/2016 7:41 AM, Gene wrote:
If you ask questions about Thunderbird regarding the problems you have with it, you will probably get answers.  Thunderbird is accessible with screen-readers.  There are one or two features that aren't accessible, such as changing the order of headers, but almost all of Thunderbird is accessible. 
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This is Marv here.  I never heard of seamonkey, but tried thunderbird and found it quite difficult to use.  So, I went to windows live mail.  I am running windows 10 jaws/nvda.  I had poor luck with thunderbird and both screen readers.  Is seamonkey more accessible than thunderbird?

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