Re: How to get native SAPI 5 mobile voices in Win10?

Tony Ballou

Hi Ketan,

I just did this a couple of days ago. when my laptop came back from the
shop, my friend set my language for English United Kingdom, and I had to
change it to English United states. Hopefully I get this right, what you
have to do is to go to settings, and select time and language. Once
there, press tab once to move to the list of options, they are time,
region and language, and speech. By default, time is selected. Arrow
down once to the region and language option and press enter. From this
point, press tab twice to the add a language button and hit space on it.
When you hit space on this button, you will be prompted to type the name
of the language you want in the search edit box. If you're unsure of how
it's spelled, no worries, press tab once and there will be a list box
with loads of choices for languages in it.  Using the arrow keys, select
the choice you want and hit space on it. Press enter again and you will
be presented with a list of the different dialects that apply to that
particular language.  For example, in the English language, you have 16
dialects to choose from.  By default mine is set for English United
States so only the remaining 15 show up. If you know what dialect you
want you can type it in the search box, or tab once and select it from
the list.  Just for the fun of it, I added the English UK voices to my
desktop, to help me with composing this message.  Once you've selected
your dialect, you are brought back to the main time and language
screen.  If you are satisfied with your changes, you can hit alt-f4 to
close things up.

Hope this helps and is not to overwhelming.


On 11/10/2017 12:05 AM, Ketan Kothari wrote:
Hi friends,

I have Windows 10 home edition and when I change my synthesiser I am
only getting David and Xira voices under SAPI 5 but I have been told
that there are more native voices available with british accent as
well. I am using Windows 10 1703 build. Please do guide me.

With best wishes,


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