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If I press Control+y, select a folder and press Enter, then Outlook will crash.

If I press Shift+F6, select a folder and press Enter, then all works just fine.


If I press Control plus a number to select another part of Outlook, such as Calendar or People, then outlook will crash.

If I press Shift+F6 twice to get to the Navigation bar and use the cursor keys and Enter to select another part of Outlook then there is no crash.






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How are you switching to folders?  I've seen this discussed before either here or on another list and crashing doesn't occur if you switch to folders in one way and it does if you switch in another.  I suspect that your expression crashing all over the place is extreme hyperbole as the only complaint I remember  seen is when switching folders and you are discussing it as well.  If a problem is a general one, it's fine to say so but if, as I suspect, it occurs only in switching folders, overstating the extent is misleading.



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Sorry joseph, but that answer is nonsense.


I have the latest build of Office 365 on the fast ring and it is still not fixed.


So I just opened NVDA, then I opened Outlook, then read some Email.  All was fine.  Then I switched to a folder, and Crash!  Outlook Has Stopped Working.


I don’t call that fixed, do you?


Now if the only screen reader I had was NVDA, and I was trying to earn a crust, what kind of support would I get?


Let me see, JAWS and Supernova have fixed the problem in Outlook, so what’s the difference?  Oh wait, they are paid for programs.


In the case of JAWS, I Emailed FS, and they told me it would be fixed very soon.  Then they released a patch for JAWS 18, which specifically fixed these folder crashes.


Now again, I’m in the workplace and I want to get my job done.  I Email nvaccess, and say help I can’t use my tool with NVDA that I could use before.  How long would I expect to wait to get a fix?


It’s been a long time guys for this fix to happen.


My point really is that in order to get that level of support in the workplace from NVAccess, I am guessing they’d have to pay a considerable amount.


So wouldn’t that be the same as buying a screen reader?  I come back to what I’ve always said, and before Laz pipes in, I know I am a supplier of access tech, including JAWS, I believe NVDA really only is for the hobbiest and is not a mission critical app.


Of course, I’d love to be proven wrong on this, but when the rubber hits the road, in terms of work, NVDA just doesn’t cut it.


Quickbooks is another example, there is no add-on for it, but there are JAWS scripts.  Most of the addons are for consumer products.


I personally would love to see the day when NVDA is good enough to use 24-7, but for me that day is not here yet.


All the best




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It also depends on which build of Office 365 you’ve got, because sometimes that makes a difference (fixes are in Outlook, for instance).




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Hi Quentin,


Now if we could persuade NVDA to stop crashing every time you change Outlook folders, Office would be usable again.


I know Freedom Sci had to hack around this problem with MS, something to do with UIA calls.


All the best




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Hi Mary,


Office 2016 is in many ways similar to Office 2013.  NVDA works very well with both, and in a couple of cases, Microsoft have fixed bugs in 2016 so there are some things that work better.  I wrote the official NV Access training material for Microsoft Word and Excel using Office 2016.  The material itself works for Office 2010 to 2016 (I found in more cases I was noting a difference in the behaviour of Office 2010 compared to the other two, rather than a new difference in Office 2016).


If you are interested, our material is available from:


Kind regards




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Hi all,
I was just looking on Jean‘s website, Accessibility, and there was a tutorial there for using Microsoft Word with NVDA. It mentioned office 2013. I have a friend who uses a different screen reader, and he also uses 2013. Is 2016 accessible? I hope so, because that seems to be the currently available version.

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