Strange trouble, need help with a couple of classic games

Tony Ballou

Howdy gang,

How many classic gamers are in the house? Perhaps somebody can help me
with this one.  Here's what's happening.

I'm happy that the classic games like ESP Pinball Ten Pin alley, and
Silver Dollar run on windows 10 with NVDA without a hitch.  Just the
other day I got my laptop back from the shop It had to be brought back
to the land of the living from a complete operating system crash. So
far, everything's gravy except for 2 things.  I've installed both Ten
Pin alley, and silver and get the following errors.

For ten pin alley I get error code 76 Path not found.

For silver dollar I get error 1450, there are not enough system
resources to execute the command.  Don't know how that's possible, the
laptop was running both of these programs just fine before the system

I'm running windows 10 64 bit version 1709, and the latest version of
NVDA.  Any help would be appreciated.

Tony TonyTony

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