Re: warning problem message

Patrick Le Baudour


I think you were totally right, That does sound very fishy.
- If an update is needed, it should be by firefox itself or the add-ons update system, not from a third-party wevsite. Even if it did exist.
- "your vulnerability is 93%" sounds alarmist and doesn't mean anything. As a general rule, even if it had more meaningful information, websites can't estimate that kind of things anyway since they are kept from accessing most of your computer.

-- Patrick

Le 21/04/2016 04:08, Scott VanDeWalle a écrit :
I was just sitting on the site tonight reading the teamtalk instructions
and about the events.

Suddenly i got a message that i needed to install a firefox patch, it
was from a site that i did not recognize, so i stopped it, thanksfully.
But i was told my volnerability was 93%.
I just thought I should ask, was i smart in not letting that go through,
or is there really a patch for firefox.
Thank you


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