Re: a new browser to talk about


According to their blog their website waterfox will eventually have their own add-on store


As for Mozilla they have many very old extensions still hosted which are not compatible with the latest builds of Firefox


So make of that as you wish



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Yes this was mentioned a while ago. I was hoping somebody had found out what

their intentions were on the new Quantum code. if they are not going down

that route, the next question has to be will mozilla still host old add ons

for Firefox if they want everyone to go down the new road.

If it is the same one has to wonder what the point of it is though.




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Hay I am using this browser called water fox.  Just to let you all know

water fox is just like fire fox so you don’t have to learn any thing new.

You can use fire fox add ons so you don’t have to worry about finding new

add ons that will work with the water fox browser


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