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I usually use ESpeak to read Afrikaans. The Dennis voice is slightly
easier to listen to most of the time. I used Female 3 and Female 5 at
a time, but they tend to give me a migraine.

It would just be nice if your ESpeak voice preference could be
reflected in all the configurations. What I mean is, when you set a
voice, it is only set for your main computer use, but the moment you
are on the log on screen or user account control etc. ESpeak
automatically speaks in its default voice. This is just a point of


Heaven from South Africa

On 4/21/16, Robert Mendoza <> wrote:
Espeak per say is a very light-weight and responsive synthesis that I
could have into my machine. Gladly , it caters a wide variety of
languages and typically I used the user defined voice that could able or
to allow my mothers tongue - Tagalog into user defined boice. Anyway, I
use dennis and subsequently use max as well. I do hope this could allow
to further enhance and improve in the up coming release of nvda.

Robert Mendoza

On 4/21/2016 6:57 AM, Arlene wrote:
I'll third that. don’t get rid of E Speak. It's very responsive.

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I second that. Don't get rid of e-speak. It's fast and responsive.

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no don't get rid of espeak! keep espeak but 1. improve edward and 2.
make edward the default voice and 3. let the edward ;voice be tweaked to
make more klatt variants and 4. let edward voice have all pronunciation
abilities of non-klatt espeak.

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