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Mark <mark@...>

Hi yes this is normal  on lots of laptops now

For example if you press f6 and F7 on a  acer laptop it will turn the  volume up and down you have to press fn key to get F6 on its one



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From: Marisane Moruthanyana
Sent: 11 November 2017 18:43
Subject: [nvda] come to my rescue


Evening gentlemen


I recently bought an HP laptop running win10.


I'm, however confused by the behaviour of the function keys.


All the F1-12 keys are inverted. I mean the following:


All the F-keys have a symbol on it. Normally you would press Fn + your to use it. On this laptop, it's reversed. The symbol is what you get when you press the button normally and you have to press Fn + F-key to get the usual action and sometimes even after pressing the fn key, nothing does what one knows.


The function keys with this laptop either mute or unmute the system with function key F6, for instance, and other function keys just do what one would not want them to do.


So, if I want to refresh a webpage, instead of just F5, I have to do Fn + F5


I want to change this to regular behavior. Would you please help?


Thanking you in advance.


Marisane from SA


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