NVDA speaking even when it’s not loaded when there’s a problem with shut down

Mary Otten <motten53@...>

I have this new machine and it has NVDA on it. But in Vda does not load at start up. We are having some problems with the machine, and my husband thought he had narrowed it down to stuff screwing up when you restart rather than shutting down the machine. Anyway, with NVDA not loaded when the machine is shutting down, occasionally will hang up and e speak will start talking. That is not the synthesizer I have selected. But it does talk. And it is happened on a few occasions. When he took it back to the store to let the tech look at it, it did that once, and now the tech is blaming the whole thing on NVDA. I’m sure that’s not correct, but I don’t know what to tell them.

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