Re: do you know one accessible, simple to use and free audio recorder?


I have all 3 of them, what I like about goldwave is it uses cddb which is what nero uses I think it uses gracenote to.

The thing is its also fast.

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Depends what you call simple. Many do record but as often when you do this you next need to edit the files, then I'd still use a program like audacity or if you can afford a little beit Goldwave.
There is virtual recorder but not tested it on XP as I think its aimed at those with sound cards that you cannot record streams from etc.

If you have a mobile phone, just press record is your thing.

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hello every one.
i need one program which can record mp3, be freeware or opensource,
safe, reliable, simple to use, supports all windows versions since xp,
accessible and if possible, without extra software offering.
except jetaudio that i realy cant use, please help me.
God bless you all!

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