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What is the best way of installing nvda on a vps in the first place?

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I am now working in the IT department of our town.
We started rolling out NVDA on many computers.
With the NVDA Remote add-on it seems to work pretty well.
There are some bugs with the UAC and other secure desktop screens but if you are logged in as a admin and you can get around those screens it works pretty well.
Though those bugs should be addressed.
Need to write some tickets when i have access to github.
Here i don't have access at the moment.


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Von: Luke Scholey []
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Betreff: [nvda] remote desktop

Hi all,
I am thinking of getting a VPS or possibly even a dedicated server for
my small business. one of the main ways of connecting to virtual servers
is through remote desktop connection if the server is windows.
My question is, does Microsoft's remote desktop connection work with
NVDA and how well? I want to be able to basically navigate the server as
if I were sat in front of it like normal, is this possible?

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