Re: warning problem message


well go to the about page and see what your firefox version is.
45.0.2 was released according to mozilla on the 11th of april.
Ofcause if you have update services on for mozilla programs you will not ever see any patches, as they are autoloaded in the background, sometimes you will have to restart or get a message that things are updating, but in most cases it just does unless it doesn't in which case it will tell you it needs to download a fresh coppy which it will then do and install.
There have been fake updates out there ofcause.
None for this year.
The last patch was 11 april.
It may therefore be that it will be safe to upgrade the patch.
If you go to help abbout there will be an update button, or a restart button, and such.
Even if you don't and close firefox it will update itself unless you don't have a right version.
going to will either congradulate you that you are updated or say you need one.
Ofcause there are a few fake malware sites and addons for firefox but the last reported on google search first page was sometime in 2014.
Its most likely the true deal.
One issue with firefox and all mozilla programs I have found is that it does not always report the site right it may in fact support the site you are on as a parent site rather than the child site you are going to.
Especially if its a direct download.
Say I am brousing microsoft support but get a direct download from dropbox or another update or something.
In the download library it will say it came from microsoft which it didn't.
If that site has a web page associated with a file it will report right.

On 21/04/2016 2:08 p.m., Scott VanDeWalle wrote:
I was just sitting on the site tonight reading the teamtalk instructions
and about the events.

Suddenly i got a message that i needed to install a firefox patch, it
was from a site that i did not recognize, so i stopped it, thanksfully.
But i was told my volnerability was 93%.
I just thought I should ask, was i smart in not letting that go through,
or is there really a patch for firefox.
Thank you



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