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Actually people do have a choice they even have an msi installer.

What I really hated and what made me switch from free dvdvideosoft and cdex was it was all I had.

I am sure its a way to get funds, but I would have been happy to get a demo and pay 20 bucks or 10 for the privilage to use the program I wanted and not have this loading.

Its loaded so much stuff extra software and most of it not usefull some down right dangerous and the rest well it can wreck your system.

And opencandy in x program usually means I don't use x program.

In the early days I used to use a program called universal extracter I would get x software, get universal extracter to pull the file appart locate the innosetup file, then clear out the addware and extra tools then rebundle things.

But I don't have that program and becides its an extra step.

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I would though remind people that in this case they do have an unbundled installer on their web site.

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The vile practice of bundling is gaining steam and I am under no illusion it will slow down, ever.

That's why I use Unchecky, even though I try to assiduously catch this stuff manually, it has sometimes slipped by.

For those interested in Unchecky: ( ) and the changelog for their releases: ( )
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