Re: NVDA speaking even when it’s not loaded when there’s a problem with shut down


Its the curse of laptops and brought desktops.

The only good thing is after you go through it, most of the software on your laptop you probably need.

I cleared mcafee antivirus off the one my aunt got, the backup software, and the game software but everything else ran with the laptop.

I also cleared trials of office and other junk but its not as bad as you'd think.

To be honest though if I brought a system I'd like it to have if it needed software bundled at all, and to be honest bundeled software which reduces the price to something I can afford well I'll take it.

However I really wish one day I'd turn on my laptop and find it full of bundled stuff that I may use or may even buy.

I have goldwave but heck if I got soundforge, reeper, some accessible game engines, and maybe few other things including nice image backup software, maybe a subscription to a technology magazine that is remotely interesting in some accessible format but no wishfull thinking.

The good thing though is with a lot of laptop makers and when you buy you scrole down the page and they tell you what is installed.

It used to be that they were just giving you stuff loaded with who knows what.

You can accept it or not.

In the end I only got rid of stuff I wouldn't use, clickfree, mcafee, wild tangent games, and office the rest was actually usefull stuff.

There was their dropbox but I had one myself but even so.

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Unfortunately increasingly these days they keep a hidden partition and restore from there but this leaves all the crap that many shops ship with the machine as a sponsorship deal to keep the selling price down. In the end the money you pay attach to take it all off is better spent with a local shop you know and trust who can just put on what you ask for not the entire contents of the software store as demos.

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Well the uac can be.

To be honest when I get a system like this I just do a reformat and load things myself and test, test, test.

Usually when I load my configs it doesn't do that.

If it does its bios, drivers or both.

The issue is when I have to deal with user software which gets in the way.

I can do it that way but it takes longer, and costs the client and myself more time.

I'd prefur to just reformat and reinstall windows and then I have an easier time.

Ofcause after that loading each bit of software at a time will eventually yeald the error.

9 times out of 10 at that stage its new or updated software.

And if it gets to that state I use google.

Sometimes a user needs a function and then just cracks software that needs it or installs malware full software to get it working.

At that point I just ask them for the function and then I can google that.

There is enough free opensource or low cost software that I either find the entire package or the modules I need and if I am lucky a wrapper front end to put them together.

The issue is then to convince the user to use said software.

I would to be honest ask the tech what stuff is on there.

ANd just get it reformatted and ask to get its hardware tested the unit cleaned, sure its going to cost a bit but you have already got it in the shop and are generating costs so get it done.

I have just had a system revived that stopped working the entire os crashed, the system died.

Regreasing the syncs, clearing the dust and replacing the power supply and all small fans and its up.

On 12/11/2017 8:55 a.m., Mary Otten wrote:
I have this new machine and it has NVDA on it. But in Vda  does not load at start up. We are having some problems with the machine, and my husband thought he had narrowed it down to stuff screwing up when you restart rather than shutting down the machine. Anyway, with NVDA not loaded when the machine is shutting down, occasionally will hang up and e speak will start talking. That is not the synthesizer I have selected. But it does talk. And it is happened on a few occasions. When he took it back to the store to let the tech look at it, it did that once, and now the tech is blaming the whole thing on NVDA. I’m sure that’s not correct, but I don’t know what to tell them.

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