Re: do you know one accessible, simple to use and free audio recorder?

Deborah Armstrong <debee@...>

I missed the beginning of this thread, but for nearly twenty years I've just loved TotalRecorder. Even its video recording ability is pretty accessible and the documentation is superb. It has run on everything from Windows 98 up to Windows 10 and will record with external Mic, external dubbing cable (sometimes called Aux or patchcord.) and of course will record audio from the PC. It's most popular for recording internet radio but I use it for much more.

You need to pay a small fee to continue to use it; there are several versions, each costing more and offering more features. And it's easier to use, if you really do read the documentation. But it's completely accessible, no dialogs or screens that a screen reader fails to let you review. It can even record your screen reader, or not, as you prefer. And I paid $10 for it twenty years ago and still get fantastic support. You pay for it only once.


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