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Can I use the forms with a certain comertial screen reader?

On 11/12/2017 11:06 PM, Adriani Botez wrote:

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Is this an issue of nvda or word?

On 11/12/2017 9:51 PM, Adriani Botez wrote:
Dear Enes,

unfortunately there are lots of things which have to be improved with respect to formfields and macros in MS Word, Excel and so on. At the moment the only possibility is to navigate by arrow key. When you press left or right key you will here when the formfield starts and when it ends. I you hear for example "edit Enes" and if you press right you will here "Edit E". This is for the design Rhea. If you chose design Galathea, you will here when pressing right arrow next to a field "edit left bracket". When you here these you can start typing.

In design galathea you will not hear left bracket after you have typed something in the formfield. You will hear what you have typed in.

As far as navigation keys are concerned, there is now an issue on github about flexible browse mode which would allow you to attribute your needed functions to a preferred key in browse mode. As of now, MS Word does not support form related navigation key like in Firefox or other browsers. But let's hope that the issue will be solved in the near future.


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does anyone know anything about this? This is urgent.

On 11/12/2017 5:06 PM, enes sarıbaş wrote:
hi all,

I need to create a CV in microsoft word. I am using the resume
templet in word for this. However, I cannot access the edit fields.
When tabbing through the document with browse mode on, I hear a ding
sound. Additionally, all edit fields appear to be on a single line.
Attempting to tab in forms mode in an edit field just inserts a tab
character. Furthermore, pressing e in browse mode just says
unsupported in this document. How can I manage this with nvda? Doesn't
nvda support this functionality?

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