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Hi all,

seems for each language you need to choose a different variant.
For german for example max works best.

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Von: Jacob Kruger [mailto:jacob@...]
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 21. April 2016 10:39
Betreff: Re: [nvda] ESpeak

Both Christo's, maybe this relates to voice variants?

While the klatt variants sound closer to somewhat natural sounding
voices, I myself, most of the time, use tweaky variant, no matter which
language am setting it to, and this is since it offers me the sort of
cleanest differentiation between various letters that might otherwise
sound somewhat similar, but anyway.

And, that's just my guess relating to what Christo Vorster is referring to.

Stay well

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On 2016-04-21 10:23 AM, Christo de Klerk wrote:

I am not sure I understand what you say. I quote: "I have a further
problem with ESpeak in Afrikaans. When I use certain voices..." There is
only one Afrikaans voice. It sounds like you have a problem with other
Afrikaans voices. Where did you get those?


Other Christo

On 2016/04/21 7:14 AM, Christo Vorster wrote:
Hi Angela and List

I understand exactly what you say. In Afrikaans I have the same
problem. It is true that many of the Afrikaans speaking people
pronounce their "r" like the French, but it is not the norm.

I echo your sentiments concerning the request for someone, with much
more knowledge than I on this matter, to try and make a plan.

I have a further problem with ESpeak in Afrikaans. When I use certain
voices it sounds like someone speaking with loose false teeth, at the
point of losing them. Maybe the developers can try to solve that
problem while they work on the "r".


Christo from South Africa

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From: Angela Delicata via
Sent: Wednesday, 20 April 2016 4:03 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] ESpeak

What I really do not like about espeak is the sound of r in my
language: the letter is spoken very different in Italian.
It is not like the French r.

Please, if you could try to solve this.
Hope I was clear as I don't know how to better explain that.
Thank you.
Angela from Italy

Il 20/04/2016 15:26, Josh Kennedy ha scritto:
I would love the speech player edward voice to support all of espeak's
phonemes and languages as well as the default voice. I like klatt
voices. but my issue with klatt edward is that it does not have all
the phonemes of original espeak. please fix this because i really like
the edward voice and wish i could just use it in any espeak-supported
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