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I hope they do release it then, and that the issues Buddy mentioned are taken care of. How do you load info in to it? o you load it on to a card as with the orbit an does it work with both android and IOS?
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Well I am seriously thinking of changing my views on the orbit.
Its not out, and at least 1 person had issue and returned their unit
that brought it at a convention.
And to be honest I really want a full sized thingy, I am used to 6 dots
I was taught 6 dots I only need 6 dots.

On 14/11/2017 9:17 a.m., Buddy Brannan wrote:
Y'all will recall that BrailleMe came to the NVDA community for assistance in putting together a display driver last year.
Earlier this year, late spring or perhaps very early summer, I got to see an early prototype of BraillMe, and it showed a lot of promise. There were afew rough edges, which I hope have been addressed in the final production version.
At $50 less than Orbit Reader 20, there are a couple things I'll observe. First, the early prototype was a bit noisy, especially as the cursor blinked. Also, sometimes a cell wouldn't populate correctly if you had your finger on it. I hope these shortcomings got addressed. Also, this says it's a six-dot cell, not eight. This might be an issue for some, although I must say I never used those extra dots myself. On the plus side, display refresh is instantaneous, and there are cursor routing buttons for each cell, a feature the Orbit lacks. So if they really do release on 4th January, we could well have a winner here.

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On Nov 13, 2017, at 8:50 AM, Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...> wrote:
braille me will cost $399 united states dollars.
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