Re: Is there seriously a possibility of "DOING AWAY WITH ESPEAK"? DOING AWAY WITH ESPEAK

Mallard <mallard@...>

Oh, Chris,

I love Espeak's "r"... It's so "posh"... And it sounds a lot like the "r" of a few of our politicians... lol-rofl!!!



Il 21/04/2016 11:26, ChrisLeo ha scritto:
Yes, I agree, ...and then what?

As far as i know, NVDA just switched from eSpeak to eSpeak-ng on developed branchs.
Espeak-ng contains improvements for several languages and more languages than eSpeak.
From gitHub you can watch and send issues on:

The R sounds mentioned in another messages for some language is a knoun issue, from here we are studing for spanish and italian trill R.


Mallard, 20/04/2016 22:41:
Doing away with Espeak, and then what?

Compelling people to buy commercial voices?

I think espeak is still the best non-human synth freely available.

I have Vocalizer Expressive, but I only use the Russian and Hebrew voices.

the Italian voices are awful to say the least. Not the sound, but the
intonation. They all sound foreign, get lots of accents wrong, and after
a while I just can't stand them anymore.

If there's a viable, free, open source alternative, then ok. If not,
long live Espeak!

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