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Its not just sounds that are my issue.

I was able to get a download notifier sound but it was to loud.

The fact I couldn't change options in addons was the reason I just bailed this morning.

Now if and when noscript comes out fully, then maybe I will switch back, noscript was good because it could catch a lot of things.

A chief one of those was if a site wanted to play a file on my system.

It would block it as dangerous.

I could save file and play it myself.

I could also control what I allowed through chrome to access certain things.

It also made several add full sites easier to read.

Everything else worked as long as I never have to change their addon options at all.

The addon options forms are completely non interactable though nvda can see them well enough.

Google chrome on the other hand, bar the add and remove extentions not working, I can access all options just fine, I even have a couple sound addons with way more events and the fact I can configure them simply.

Ofcause the clincher is you can't edit or add or change events they just exist so if you are that advanced you would be out of luck.

One thing google will do is save all downloads so in theory anyway it should be fine.

However if mozilla get these issues I mentioned fixed or nvda can get past interacting with the options and noscript comes out, I may still be interested to return to firefox.

I will have to bother with an anoying download sound but thats about it.

On 14/11/2017 9:37 a.m., Gene wrote:
But I saw one message, and for all I know many more people may feel this way, that someone won't use Firefox unless add ons are available that provide sounds.

I'm not talking about sounds for things that you can't tell conveniently such as when Windows starts its shutdown or when Windows has finished booting to the point where the boot up music comes on. Error sounds are sounds I consider important as well. I'm also not talking about ornamental occurrences and many sighted occurrences are decorative or aesthetic. I had previously considered sounds to be largely a matter of preference, but when I see that people may stop using a program because certain sounds aren't available, then I start to question the level of dependence that suggests.

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Or maybe they want it because they simply want it? Same could be asked about all the visual affects for sighted folks. Not necessary to the function of x, y or z, but maybe on some level it helps as a q to go off of in the background.

I have all the animations turned off on my machines, but while my sighted wife has some disabled, she still likes hving some enabled for the reasons mentioned above.

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Why do some people care so much about browser sounds? When a page has finished opening, you'll know it because the screen-reader automatically starts to read it. When a page doesn't load for some reason, a lot of the time there is an error message. When you download a file, you can easily check the estimated time remaining for the download. I understand the desire to hear a sound when a download finishes because that will tell you, without you having to check or without perhaps getting busy with something else and forgetting to check in a timely manner. But how much of the concern with sounds is just habit? Maybe people would be surprised if they didn't use browser sounds for three days as a trial, how quickly almost all of the sounds fade into insignificance. Even the download finished sound may decrease significantly in importance.


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Ok, got an addon called download sound this works for downloads, sadly I
don't get when sites open like navigation sounds, but if anything else
the download sound is the important event sound is a bit loud though.

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