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So does chrome have a reader at on, rather like what you get with Safari either on a Mac or on the phone? The android version of chrome doesn’t have that, and it’s a huge disadvantage in my opinion. I’m guessing that the desktop version either has it built in or at least has an ad on.

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Ok guys decided to cut my losses and switched to chrome.

What an experience change.

Its true I need to do a bit more configging but just about every file just saves now.

And access wize there are accessibility addons.

For me noscript doesn't come but the rest.

First https everywhere, privacy badger and ublock origin exist thats good.

I use download notifier for sounds, and google sound effects tweaked so it doesn't make sounds for everything I do key typing scroling down pages, etc.

However its better than the crappy addon I have on firefox.

Its got accessibility features and its fully configurable, maybe ms should take a leaf out of google's book for their stuff because headings for everything.

The only issues I have is when removing addon extentions I have to hit enter twice as there is a lot of unknown and the same with adding extentions tab once and hit enter.

I also don't care for the top down approach of the google app store.

However I am fully setup and while it could be better, I do believe that firefox as it stands is history with me.

Noscript, well its not really important right now, everything works as needed.

I do feel sad leaving firefox though.

On 14/11/2017 8:51 a.m., Gene wrote:
Why do some people care so much about browser sounds? When a page has finished opening, you'll know it because the screen-reader automatically starts to read it. When a page doesn't load for some reason, a lot of the time there is an error message. When you download a file, you can easily check the estimated time remaining for the download. I understand the desire to hear a sound when a download finishes because that will tell you, without you having to check or without perhaps getting busy with something else and forgetting to check in a timely manner. But how much of the concern with sounds is just habit? Maybe people would be surprised if they didn't use browser sounds for three days as a trial, how quickly almost all of the sounds fade into insignificance. Even the download finished sound may decrease significantly in importance.
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Ok, got an addon called download sound this works for downloads, sadly I
don't get when sites open like navigation sounds, but if anything else
the download sound is the important event sound is a bit loud though.

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