Re: QRead and automatic language switching

John Isige

Automatic language switching works because the document is coded for it. I'm guessing that QRead is just getting the text out of the PDF file and it's not responding to those codes, either because it just doesn't or because they're no longer there. So you'd have to contact the developer about adding that feature.

So for example, even if I have automatic language switching turned on and I write "es drickst de ganze Daag", it won't read that with a German voice, because it's not coded as German, as it might be on a website. Well OK, it's Deitsch (Pennsylvania Dutch/German), so it might not recognize it even if it was coded, but still.

On 11/13/2017 17:11, Sally Kiebdaj wrote:
Hello all,

Have any of you using QRead also tried reading a document in multiple languages?

I am testing it out with a textbook that automatically switches between English and German when opened in Adobe. However, it defaults to English entirely when opened in QRead.

Is this something inherent to the program and how it presents documents or is there a setting I need to tweak?

Thank you,


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