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Steve Nutt


If we get a reasonable margin, IE enough to cover support etc, not all
dealers, myself included, will raise the price. I am hoping to become a
dealer anyway.

Not all dealers are greedy, remember that. If I can make a living, I'm

All the best


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Braille Display

Releasing a Braille display, in 2018, holding only 6-dots - well that seems
a bit old-fashioned, doesn't it? What really, did they have to save on two
extra dots?

OK, we have seen 6-dot computer Braille, using two characters for
representing one computer character, like the backslash, digits and certain
others, even the Captalized characters. Yet, most Braille computer users,
might agree, the 8-dots makes it much easier to cooperate with the actual
contents of the screen. Try routing to a character on the screen, or lining
up contents, when you have some of the characters represented by two cells
on the display.

I do woncder, if they have solved these issues in any other way?

Pricing seem interesting enough, except from the fact they are asking for
dealers. My thought is, that likely these dealers will raise the product
price drastically. When they first informed about the development, I
contacted them and asked if it would be sold directly to end-users, and it
seems they somehow have changed the intentions.
Shipping, Taxes and dealer's money-making - be prepared for prices
50-100 percent higher. And by then, a 6-dot display with the drawbacks
thereof, might be little interesting. You might soon enough look at other

Will be interesting to follow the product though, as we might see more
user-feedback, and on-hand experiences.

The idea, intention and release is of great interest, I think. But it
cannot be left-out, the disappointment when it only holds 6-dots. Even,
they could have run two models, 6-dot for a lower price, and 8-dots as
an alternative. Honestly, my first Braille display ever, was in '84, and
even back then 8-dots were the standard for computerized operation.
close to 35 years later, 6-dots?

On 11/13/2017 3:14 PM, Antony Stone wrote:
Never mind Youtube, the press release quoted below states "It has a
20-cell braille display, a Perkins-style keypad, cursor routing buttons
few navigation keys."

That is quite clear.


On Monday 13 November 2017 at 14:04:24, Alexander Masic wrote:

I am little hasitating. Because the display has only 6 dots if I have
understand that youtobeclip corect, and that has some problems.

Den 2017-11-13 kl. 13:32, skrev Josh Kennedy:
will this display work with NVDA also?

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Subject: Unveiling Braille Me - World's Most Affordable Smart Braille
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Greetings from Innovision!
This email is in reply to the Pre-order interest survey that you or a
representative from your firm submitted (link -

Thank you for showing your interest in Innovision
KA_4Ij1SFgAV4lloCizIP-yQHxS_P4iDZetA-0&key=YAMMID-71407346&link=http%3A%2>) and our product, BrailleMe - a Smart
Braille Display for the visually impaired community.

I am excited to inform you that we are launching Braille Me, world's
most affordable smart braille display at USD 399/- on the 4th of
January celebrating the World Braille Day. Let me give you an overview
of Braille Me.

About Braille Me -

Ever Since Louis Braille invented the wonderful script of Braille, it
has been adopted all across the globe empowering millions of
individuals. Today, after 200 years we are on the verge of a
revolution in Braille. Braille Me, is built to bring digital braille
to everyone immaterial of their geographical, economic or lingual

It has a six-dot 20-cell braille display, a Perkins-style keypad,
cursor routing buttons and few navigation keys. It has capabilities
to work as a stand-alone editor and also connect to smartphones and
computers via Bluetooth and USB. It is a balanced device with core
features of a complex notetaker while having the simplicity of a
braille display.

Braille Me has become possible due to two breakthroughs in
Affordability and multi-language. Braille Me is designed with our
patented Braille cell technology which makes the device cost-effective
by an order of magnitude compared to existing products and supports
more than 40 languages spanning all across the globe.

To know more about Braille Me please check our demonstration video:

Also check out our facebook page:

Reaching out:

We are eager to serve you and look forward to engaging with you.
Currently, we are looking for partners who can help us in the
distribution and training in your state/country. Please let us know if
you are part of or are in touch with any Institute for Visually
impaired, commercial distributors of disability aids or NGOs working
in your area.
Your help in identifying key partners would go a long way in
expediting distribution of Braille Me in your locality.

We hope you would join us in this effort to bring digital braille to
every student and professional in need.
In case you have any queries, please feel free to reach out to our
team at customercare@... <mailto:info@...>
We look forward to hearing from you.

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