Re: QRead and automatic language switching

Mallard <mallard@...>


I've also used Qread for years, but I don't think you can switch languages automatically, because the language tags that cause that to happen are probably removed when the text is parsed by Qread.

In actual fact, though, I've never really tried, so I can't be absolutely sure of this.

I'll test it and report back.

I have disabled the automatic language detection at the moment. I'll test and report back.


Il 14/11/2017 00:11, Sally Kiebdaj ha scritto:
Hello all,

Have any of you using QRead also tried reading a document in multiple languages?

I am testing it out with a textbook that automatically switches between English and German when opened in Adobe. However, it defaults to English entirely when opened in QRead.

Is this something inherent to the program and how it presents documents or is there a setting I need to tweak?

Thank you,


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