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Yes, and this is very important. Some programs, Calibre for instance, in their portable versions, and I think Firefox too, will create a folder on their own. NVDA does not. If you don't create a folder ahead of time for it where you want it to go, you could splatter the NVDA files all over the root of your hard drive, program files, or whatever folder you choose without creating an NVDA subdirectory. I learned that the hard way.

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But if you type a path, create a folder first, just for the portable version.  In general, programs put themselves in a folder they create at the end of a path you specify, though you can't assume that.  NVDA doesn't, and the files are placed in the last folder of the path you specify.  So, if the path is c:\misc, that's m I s c,  and you stop there, the files and folders created will be all over the misc folder.  In this case, misc, m I s c,  is the name for my miscellaneous folder.  If you create a folder first in that folder, such as NVDA, and write the path as follows,
the folders and files will be placed in the NVDA folder.
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Hi Vanessa,

1. Press NVDA+n to open the NVDA menu
2. Press T for the tools menu
3. Choose the "Create portable copy" item.

Alternatively, if NVDA isn't running, you can run the setup file that you download from the website and press the "Create portable copy" button from the setup screen.

Either way, it will ask for a path, that's when you put in whatever path you want, such as G:\NVDA as you noted



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hi list something terrible happened to my desktop and somebody lend me her laptop for as long as i need it it was almost three weeks without a computer and so i had to get cut up with mor than thirty thousand emails i received a feature that i really
 wantedwitch was to create a portable copy using the run command i ried many different ways of doing it but i do not understand it can somebody using the path g:\nvda or any other path you want show me how exactly to enter it tin to the run command it says path must be specified but i do not get how love this feature but have not been able to use it to my advantage

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