Re: that dll message that I was geting with nvda

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Sound to me like they are both trying to use that dll, for all I know Jaws may well be putting a modified copy in. I'd hesitate that it might be doing it on purpose but it might well be tweaked to get around some windows issue.
Might be worth raising an issue on Gather for this in case nvaccess can duplicate it.
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Subject: [nvda] that dll message that I was geting with nvda

Hello I can confirm at least on my machine that when ever I install jaws2018 I get that dll message that I was getting before when launching nvda

I restored my machine to before I installed jaws2018 so all is ok but thought that I would let the list know

I don't know what is going on but at this point I can't run jaws2018 with out it breaking nvda

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