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Is Chrome at all invasive, ie does it snoop being written by Google I'd be a bit suspicious of this.

I just could not get the hang of chrome but if Firefox remains busted after the esr of 52 expires it may be the only game in town with a realistic attitude to us blindies.
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My issue is with extention add and remove and security windows for bt sync and my router.

I got my router and printer set but it just won't accept my locally connect resilio server which is fine I just use ie.

The thing is though this never had me have an issue with firefox.

Sometimes it tries to predict what I want to do with a link, when I right click it.

There are waaay to many clickable clickable clickables for my liking so I had to set an app config with that off.

These alone will not get me to switch back.

It starting slow on first run on system start and the fact while running windows update seems to error out while the brouser is running is still not going to stop me either.

However, all those added up, to be honest if firefox noscript comes back, dispite the issues 57 has, heck I may wait for 59 but once ff is stable enough, I am tempted to go back.

The security dialogs are the biggest thing for me, chrome dropps into a mode and any keys I hit just say unknown there is probably a keyboard shortcut to allow stuff through but it just won't let me do it.

It may mean I just get an outdated firefox 56.02 or something for things that don't work as well with chrome.

One thing noscript did was make sites like twitter easier to work with.

One thing chrome does is sync all passwords to my cloud which means 1 login only and the fact it knows what I do.

But there are little pieces of the interface I just don't care for.

Its a pitty the new skype app is not like chrome itself.

One thing both microsoft and firefox could do off the bat is what chrome does with accessability.

A dedicated access menu and section on the google store, sure chromevox is a bit of a gimic but the rest, there are a lot of options there is probably an accessible theme but I havn't gone that far.

I was able to get just about everything except noscript working on chrome, I have a good download sound addon and a good sfx webpage navigation addon.

Mozilla firefox has none of these and well its even better than what I had using windows sounds.

To be honest if I do go back to firefox unless anything changes it will have to be some version of 56, 57 has a lot of issues with its configuration.

Google has issues with extentions but I can get past that, and security dialogs well I'd really like to see if these can be handled somehow even if there is something to process them outside chrome.

On 14/11/2017 9:44 p.m., Steve Nutt wrote:

I’ve liked Chrome a lot better for a long while, and it’s faster too.

All the best


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Subject: [nvda] nvda and chrome reader mode


If you use chrome. then you want an addon or extension obtained from chrome webstore, called

murcury reader.

and you activate it by pressing alt grave accent, sometimes called single quote. to the left of number 1 on the top number row. this brings up a new window with a close murcury reader at the top and the article nicely formatted without links and ads and video clutter is down below. I am really starting to like chrome more than I like firefox right now. It's really fast and the free murcury reader addon lets me read articles without clutter. murcury reader also has a button that lets you send any web article directly to an amazon kindle if you have one. It's quite nice. now if we get NVDA working good in chrome with google docs sheets and slides that would be good.


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