Re: Can I shorten pauses following punctuation?

Ann Byrne

Point well taken. thanks.


I asked about something like this a week or two ago when I first joined the
list. Are you using the Microsoft voices? If so, they insert long pauses
after periods and commas -- the former, especially. There is no
configuration setting to change this and it isn't a nVDA issue. You will
have to modify the .ini file for the voice you use. I don't know if this is
exactly your problem. The person who wrote this blog is on this list, and he
pointed me here:

The .ini file I had to modify is not exactly the same one as shown here.
However you should be able to find it, wherever it is on your system.

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Subject: [nvda] Can I shorten pauses following punctuation?

NVDA's response is crisp and accurate when I move from line to line
or application to application. However, when I read a document the pause
before the next word is longer than I would like. Is there a place in the
settings to shorten the pause?



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