Terminal Screen Not Refreshing


I am running the latest NVDA on Windows 10 and have an issue I've been sitting on for a while, and probably should have reported sooner.

I rely on SSH for my job since I work for a UNIX shop.  I use Tera Term Pro because it tabs multiple windows, making things much quicker for me.  The problem is that there are times when data does not clear from the terminal screen as it should and new information is simply written over old information.  I use TermPro's clear screen as well as trying Insert+F5, but this does not do anything.

Obviously, it's not all the time with all information; otherwise, it would be unreadable within minutes.  It's just enough to make things confusing for me.

I know this is not a TermPro issue, by itself, because I never experienced this with JAWS; although, I can't rule out it being something between TermPro and NVDA.  Does anyone have any ideas here?  Thanks!

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