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I think the point he is raising here is the one I've raised many many times and been ignored.
That is, really there should be a setting in there so even your own messages get sent to the email list it uses so you can follow a thread correctly maybe months later on.
In my view this is a serious issue with gather or its the most well hidden checbox on the web.
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It looks like you've done everything correct. I can see your issue here:

It looks like no-one has commented on it or anything yet, so you likely
won't have received any e-mail about it yet.

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On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 9:55 AM, Governor staten <> wrote:

I posted a ticket on the topic of Zoom yesterday. Do we see emails
corresponding to our own tickets before someone comments on them? I'm just
curious. If I've done something wrong, I'd like to know. I filled it out
and then pressed the submit button.

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