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I have no idea other than as I look at mine I'm on a release version and its saying 56 is the latest, if I change it to a beta, its offering me 58. I never did get Mozillas logic here.
You can just put 52 over 56 and of course you then do not have that sidebar focus issue either.
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So... Do I first uninstall V56 before installing the ESR version? Or, do I just install over the top of 56? the weird thing is, I'm still on 56. It's not even asked me to update, and yes, I have the box checked to auto check for updates. I can't say I'm wishing! for 57 to hit me. I'm only just sayin' I'm curious why everyone's seeing it, but I'm not.
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The downloads window does not read progress information I don't even get
progress bars for downloads.

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