Re: Paftitioning Program



What do you need to accomplish? Paragon partition manager is sort of usable but the free version won't resize partitions on the back end. So if you have two partitions and the first one is a small one and the second one bigger, but you want to remove the first one and extend the second one to fill the space of the first one, this is something you can't do for free with paragon.

If you're shrinking a partition, Windows Disk Management should be capable of this, also it should be capable of adding another partition if your goal is to shrink the one you have and put another one after it. It should be able to delete a partition from the trailing end and extend the one before it to fill that space also. So think about it like this, you can't mess with the left side or top, but the right side or bottom is generally something you can tweak as far as sizes go. What's your goal?

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On 3/5/2016 2:56 AM, Andrea Sherry wrote:
Using windows10 64bit.
The disk management is not doing what I require
I have a program called PAssist Pro but it does not like NVDA thought it used to work with WE.
Any suggestions?

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