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Keep in mind that that is one person's experience and you need a good sample of experiences to generalize.  I see no difference in download speeds nor in items opening.  That , too, is one person's experience and neither report taken together or singly, is anything like a sample on which to draw conclusions.

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I have been using Chrome for two years, and I have always had all good things to say about it.

It is so fast, that is what I could not believe when I starting using it.

Downloads go almost twice as fast, and I can open web sites much faster.

David Moore

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I’ve liked Chrome a lot better for a long while, and it’s faster too.


All the best




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If you use chrome. then you want an addon or extension obtained from chrome webstore, called

murcury reader.

and you activate it by pressing alt grave accent, sometimes called single quote. to the left of number 1 on the top number row. this brings up a new window with a close murcury reader at the top and the article nicely formatted without links and ads and video clutter is down below. I am really starting to like chrome more than I like firefox right now. It's really fast and the free murcury reader addon lets me read articles without clutter. murcury reader also has a button that lets you send any web article directly to an amazon kindle if you have one. It's quite nice. now if we get NVDA working good in chrome with google docs sheets and slides that would be good.




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