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Thank good ness somebody else has this issue. Everyone else is saying its marginally slower and only no script and some add ons fail. In my and your case its just not accessible and we need to discover the reason. I am using 32 bit Firefox and windows 7 64. If this is also you one of these might well be the reason. I suggest downloading version 52esr and sticking to that version until the situation is clearer. 57 is a bit of a mess since its half way to being a completely different browser to 56.
If you read all the Firefox messages here and read some of the nvaccess recent blogs, or the large item on the Jaws website you will find that this is a serious issue, more for some than others and all in the name of making it less hackable but in doing so making it hard for screenreaders to actually use it at all, at least in its eventual finished state.
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Subject: [nvda] firefox updating and becoming unusable

Can someone tell me what just happened.

I opened firefox and it says is updating to latest version and it updated.

Now it does not work with nvda or even jaws.

Please help.


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