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To be honest brian, if it were more than the options screens I would go back to 56.02 and not update it.

I still don't understand why all this upheaval for the users, I had all my addons running and ff just worked.

Its a lot faster certainly a bit more faster than chrome and I like layouts of some pages like twitter a bit better than chrome.

Ofcause where chrome was an issue for me was security dialogs and since I interact with these quite a lot in my admin work its sort of a show stopper for me if it does it.

As for 56, The fact is if I need to I can go back to any version of ff I have.

At least till next year when noscript dies off for the older versions.

Noscript will be back sooner or later maybe this week or next, but point is everything else is, I don't have the entire load of sounds for chrome I did have but I just need the download one and I have that and well what can I say, I still do like the interface for ff even though ftp and download lists don't focus right.

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I still cannot get 57 to actually work at all here, so I'm avoiding it. I don't have time to fiddle and nothing really should need to be altered to get it to work albeit slower or whatever. There are obviously issues with some systems as yet unexplained and until they are resolved its not worth my time attempting to figure it out, there are cleverer people than I and I have nearly a year of 52 updates to let them play with their new toy.
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Hello all.

I just installed the new firefox.
The only thing wrong with it as far as I’m concerned is that it is slower.
So for now I’ll either use google chrome or edge as my default browser.
I’m using the new nightly firefox 58, and it is not much better, as promised it would be.
Just my opinions though.
Have a good da y.



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