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Well navigational sounds is gone better privacy and classic theme restorer, ublock, https everywhere, privacy badger those are up.

Noscript is gone but being upgraded by its makers and should be out in the next week or 2.

Everything else is fine unless you use bt sync service, all the time that can be a bit slow running May have to doodle about with things.

Then again I can disable firefox bits I shouldn't from ccleaner so I could disable multiprocesses and see what it does.

I could also limit ff to a couple cpus while doing sync but who knows.

Its really to complex for that.

I think for now I will use ie for the sync box, later on, if there is a way I can have a bare bones brouser with no real security loaded just to access local connections that may be another option.

It doesn't need to much security as all the address I access that would be local ones, the router, the printer and the bt sync all of which are network only devices.

On 15/11/2017 9:46 p.m., Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
1. I notice that the list is playing me up again, and older emails are coming in after the replies. I am thus feeling a little like Dr who in a time warp, so sorry if this makes some of my messages here a bit strange.
2. Firefox. So are we saying then, that the latest beta of 57 can be downloaded and installed on a windows 7 machine and the only casualty is going to be navigational sounds and the need to reload a new version of ublock origin?

Yes or no.
I ask as twice I tried recent versions and each time the32 bit version did not even manage to go into browse or focus mode just saying  unknown whatever it did. However reload anything prior and it is back working albeit with trashed add ons. I'm now on 52 esr.
3. I can see lots of things in this list with  Firefox is now Chrome but have not yet managed to find the first post so what does this refer to exactly?

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