Re: repairing inte3rnet explorer


Didn't you say the same problem occurs in other browsers when you tested this morning?  When you trouble shoot, if the problem occurs in more than one program and it is the same problem, then the problem is not caused by the programs themselves. 
But let's be very clear about what the problem is.  Can you use commands such as b to move by button, x to move by check box and h to move by header?  Read to end, NVDA key down arrow wouldn't be expected to work when using the insert.  Does it work when you use caps lock down arrow? 
Also, when you use commands like read title bar when on the desktop or in programs like Notepad, is the title bar read? 
I'm not sure what the symptoms are of the dll registration problem and I don't know if they match your problem.  With detailed information, those who are more familiar with the symptoms may be able to determine if the symptoms match. 
Depending on whether the list can solve the problem or not, more information may be needed later. 
this information may not be needed now but such questions as just what work was done on the computer?  You said Windows was reinstalled.  Reinstalled from where?  From an installation disk or from the recovery partition on the computer or somewhere else?  Was any other work done?  As I said, these questions may not need to be answered now, but answering them may be useful or important in future. 

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Hi, everyone,


How do I repair internet explorer? I thought I'd try that to see if it solves my problem.


Thanks in advance.





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