Re: Office: why is it so slow with NVDA?

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Apparently Jaws is more jerky than slow all the time. See my other message. I do not myself have the latest office or jaws so...

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i dont have microsoft office, but heard others told me that office is
slow when using nvda and i heard that jaws does not have this problem.
but if you want to just read the file, (dont need edit them) i
recommend using sayAll rather than reading line by line.
hope that help, God bless you!

On 11/16/17, Simone Dal Maso <simone.dalmaso@...> wrote:
when I use Office with NVDA, both Excel and Word, in many distributions
of office I should admit that NVDA is really slow in response.
Cursor key lags and sometimes I must wait 2 3 seconds to read the
following lines.
Working in this situation is really frustrating, but I'd like to know if
you have noticed this problem.
On the italian community it is the greatest problem, but I'm not able to
isolate the condition that makes NVDA so laggy.

Do you have some experiences or ideas about it?
Thank you.

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