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Actually, I don't know when was that article published, but is not 100% accurate - some of the commands do not work (e.g. Control+Left/Right arrow keys for moving between videos in a playlist). Google has an official page with keyboard shortcuts for YouTube, and here it is:

Note, that you have to be in focus mode and the player to be in focus for the commands to work, as it is noted on the page as well. The player should get focused when you press SPACE after turning on focus mode with NVDA+SPACE. Pressing NVDA+SPACE a second time will turn off focus mode and return you to browse mode.

Hope this helps.

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Kostadin Kolev

На 17.11.2017 г. в 4:00, Robert Mendoza написа:

Hi Josh, here are the list of useful key commands in playing youtube.

Robert Mendoza
On 11/17/2017 8:03 AM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

I forgot how to do it. I'ts been awhile since I turned up the volume in youtube.




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In google chrome with the latest NVDA, when you are watching a youtube video, how do you turn up and down the youtube video volume without affecting other applications volumes on the system in windows10?




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