Re: Resolved New Firefox Issue but Help with Permanence?

Richard Kuzma

Good afternoon,
Go into tools / options
Then tab around and select never update and then tab some more and uncheck allow download from other server or something to that affect.
Just for fyi.
I was able to just load the version one back over top the fifty seven version without any trouble.
So saved on a system restore and so on in case anyone is interested.
Let me know if I am incorrect on any of this,

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Subject: [nvda] Resolved New Firefox Issue but Help with Permanence?

Hello group members and concerned users,

I was able to do a system restore, which took me back to a point
before installing the new FireFox Update. How do I ensure that the
older version remains intact and is not over-ridden with a new update
that turns out to be difficult to use?

Again, I am on a Windows 7 Computer and using the 2016 release of NVDA. Thanks.

David Russell
"chilah phanim" Make G-d smile!

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