Re: Changes in the options menu and an important missing setting

Ron Canazzi

Hi Gene,

Under the built in phishing and malware settings, it explains that this new feature warns you about potentially dangerous sites and possible malware or phishing dangers.  I believe this would involve the redirection issue.  You are given an option when you load such a site and you can allow or block it.

On 11/17/2017 4:35 PM, Gene wrote:
The options interface has changed and has problems in the new version.  It looks to me as though it is supposed to be a web page or more or less web page-like interface.  For whatever reason, NVDA can't be placed in browse mode when in options and that means that in some fields, related text can't be read.  For example, there is text you can see with object navigation related to the check to see if Firefox is the default browser that tells you whether firefox is currently the default browser.  I haven't looked carefully through the perhaps sixty or seventy settings looking for occasional text that I have to find with object navigation or using alt b to have NVDA read every object on the screen, but I suspect there is text for certain other settings that isn't read and can't be moved to by tabbing.  Tabbing is the only way to move through the interface from the keyboard.
The interface has been significantly rearranged, with only four categories and different groupings such as startup in each category.  You tab through them all and through every item in every grouping.  There is no command to move from grouping to grouping when working within a certain category.  If you don't want to work in a certain grouping, it doesn't matter.  If there are five items in the grouping, you must tab through each one.  It's like ribbons without the commands that make ribbons efficient to work with.
Since the intent seemns to be to imitate ribbons in the layout, I think the move by grouping commands used in ribbons should be provided, that is, control right arrow and control left arrow to move forward and backward by grouping.  Those who don't like ribbons or are afraid of them don't have to worry.  You work with the interface as you always have, but there are a lot more items to tab through in each category.  Therefore, a means is necessary to allow the user to move by grouping.
And, this is very important, where is the command to have Firefox alert you if a page tries to refresh or redirect?  I didn't find it and I don't think it's there.  I searched carefully and repeatedly.  This is a crucial command. 

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