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Oh boy! That's addicted! I am on facebook and thank Goodness I share the I
Phone with my room mate. I love it but I wouldn't want it on the phone! Wow!
That is really addicted if you ask me!

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I have never been able to work out how to use Twitter or Facebook and have
not bothered with the others either. I sat next to a lady in a cafe the
other day and she had her phone on her lap as she was eating and kept on
gigling and tapping stuff in while eating. Talk about in a bubble.
I somehow think its not for me.

However I think this thread is a little dodgy, but good as a test I guess.
Just try and get those -=-=-=-= removed before we go mental. I guess I
could move = to a different punnctuation level...

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Jamie Teh said something on Twitter that basically says that statement. I
may eventually need to talk about social media and NVDA later during that
event... Right now though, I'm in the midst of a semester at a community
college, seeing the news coming from NVDACon speaker recruitment efforts,
finalizing StationPlaylist add-on 7.0 beta, thinking about writing a
to mainstream programmers about value of NVDA and others (along with
sure my latest code for add-ons manager gets integrated into NVDA Core).
P.S. Yes, I do code (NVDA screen reader), and latest endeavor can be found

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It may be too late, but would there be any way to make a statement to the
effect that NVDA does not agree with comments said on Social Media?
Just a suggestion.

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