Re: Kudos to the Microsoft disability desk

Ron Canazzi

Hi Mary,

I also had a great experience with the Microsoft disability line.  I had issues with my sound and after almost 2 hours, it was determined that I needed updated drivers for the motherboard so as to take full advantage of the updated sound drivers.  That is to say, my 2 year old motherboard from my 2015 dated system were not totally compatible with Windows 10 version 17.09.  It took a while for them to track things down, but once they did so and updated the motherboard drivers then the sound drivers update were fully functional.

Moral of the story: Don't be afraid to call the Microsoft disability hotline for help if it is related directly to Windows system dysfunction.  I don't think they will help you with basic accessibility or third party programs unless they are somehow related to Windows itself.

On 11/18/2017 4:12 PM, Mary Otten wrote:
A week or so ago, there were a lot of messages on a topic I started regarding my new windows 10 PC and it’s inability to sometimes shut down completely or be unresponsive after restarts, where settings wouldn’t open etc. Also there was this thing where nVDA was talking even after it had not been loaded when the machine was trying and failing to shut down. I had the machine back in the shop again, and the unskilled workers who work there, at least I hope that’s what they are rather than competent technicians, said there was nothing wrong with it. So we brought it home again, and it exhibited the same unfortunate behaviors. Before giving up completely and just turning the machine back in before my 15 day return with no questions asked Time limit Ran out, I called the Microsoft disability helpdesk. The first guy I talked to was on the phone and remoted in to my computer trying to do different things for well over an hour. He finally decided that the only solution was a reinstallation/repair of windows. That necessitated a long download. And here I thought my Internet connection was faster than it apparently is. Anyway, following long download, I called back, spoke to another technician, who initiated the installation and repair process, which went fine. The machine is now working as it should. Amazing what real technicians who know what they’re doing and do. Moral: never pay the so-called technicians in a big box store to do anything but carry your box to your car.

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