Re: can't down load audio from web sites any more


I have avoided addons like this because of spyware issues.

Most audio you can save it.

Noscript will even block things. will work but the speed is really slow but its free and if you don't care then its a good option.

I get twitch videos like this, it can take about 5 hours to get a 100-200mb audio but its not like its critical data we are talking about.

On 19/11/2017 9:56 p.m., Bobby Vinton wrote:
Yes I have always down load helper in fire fox butt the add on no longer works. I have used this for 16 years. I have never learned how to down load audio with out any type of add on in a browser that is inbeded in a page. Hope some one can give me a key stroke for getting off of bigapple air checks web site or I love the audio on those pages and I love radio history.

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Are you saying this worked before? Many sites do not allow downloads. I have
noticed this myself, instead they go to an intermediate page, which is what
you get if you save link as.
I've noticed this on sound cloud. Not all items seem to be allowed to take
the audio away, some you just have to play on the site player.

Probably something to do with the copyright. However if you did it before
then I have no idea of the issue.
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Subject: [nvda] can't down load audio from web sites any more

Hay I just switched to crohm and when I am on a web page I can see the audio
butt when I click save as it only saves the html of the page. The sites I
am trying to down load mp3s from are and I used every browser to try this. The audio is in mp3
it is not a youtube or a flash web site. I can down load pod casts just
fine butt I want the audio from both the web sites.

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