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Each site has its own trick.

Some you need to be lucky like for example its an open folder.

hold will have the recent ep coming up and you can get that for a bit.

itunes is where the main folders but that is locked.

So what I need to do is find what I want, copy the link and add /itunes to the middle of it then change the file extention from wmv to mp3.

Now that site also has a podbean site, which I found out after telling the owners I had to basically modify things.

Ofcause not all are approachable.

For example vimio I have never figured out nore usually actually need to.

There have been sites where they will play things but if I view source then I can access and get the links but sometimes its imbedded somewhere and I have to look.

From time to time I need to use a bit of hacking to get things.

Sadly its hit and miss on the owners.

I can tell owner x if I find his contact info what I do but he may choose to not respond at all.

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The thing is many of the direct links are around but hidden.

I had a poke around the source of the page labelled main and found this one.

However there may well be other resources on that site to facilitate downloading the clips, I have not really got the time to look.

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Hay I just switched to crohm and when I am on a web page I can see the audio butt when I click save as it only saves the html of the page.  The sites I am trying to down load mp3s from are and  I used every browser to try this.  The audio is in mp3 it is not a youtube or a flash web site.  I can down load pod casts just fine butt I want the audio from both the web sites.

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