Re: can't down load audio from web sites any more


I doubt that is generally possible.  the play button is usually in some sort of player.  I doubt it would respond to a right click. 

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Depending what the site is at least for audio not necessarily video but
I do know on sites you use that are audio if there are no ways to get
the files you can simply load the site, hit right click on the play
button, and save the file.

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> That page is basically an audio player as far as I can tell.
> What were you expecting?
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> Hay I just switched to crohm and when I am on a web page I can see the
> audio butt when I click save as it only saves the html of the page. 
> The sites I am trying to down load mp3s from are
> and  I used every browser
> to try this.  The audio is in mp3 it is not a youtube or a flash web
> site.  I can down load pod casts just fine butt I want the audio from
> both the web sites.
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