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Hi Jean,
Wasn’t that tutorial on your Accessibility central website? I actually went looking for yesterday, maybe I wasn’t in the right section, but I didn’t find it.

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I doubt there is such an add on.  I haven't heard of one and a google search doesn't show one.  I don't know who you need it for or what teaching resources are available to the person in question but I would strongly recommend learning real ribbons.  Despite all the gnashing of teeth you hear, ribbons are not difficult.  they are just a different way of organizing an interface and everything is accessible.  I wrote a tutorial on ribbons that teaches their use with Wordpad since everyone has Wordpad.  I'll send it if you are interested. 
I also can find a link to an article that explains why virtual ribbons are actually inferior to real ribbons.
I wanty to make one point clearly.  It may be that there are people with conceptual disabilities who would have a hard time learning ribbons.  Most people shouldn't have particular difficulty and it should be assumed that people can learn them until experience shows that they have an unreasonable amount of difficulty.  If people were taught ribbons correctly, the ongoing resistance to them would be significantly reduced.
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Subject: [nvda] need a virtual ribben addon for NVDA

              Hi guys. As a subject mentions, I need an NVDA addon that works like virtual ribben menues in jaws, so is there any addon available for NVDA? Thanks


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