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Hi Rayn,

The pivot table itself should be navigatable like other cells in Excel.  Setting up the data for the pivot table uses a task pane which you can access via F6.  You can then tab and arrow through the options to setup the data as needed.  Microsoft have a basic tutorial on it here:  Note where it talks about dragging and dropping fields, you can achieve the same by pressing the down arrow and selecting where you want to move something.

Slicers are a way of filtering data.  Unfortunately these are currently not accessible.  We do have an open issue on this: 

You can still use the conventional filtering tool to filter data by moving to a column heading which has filtering enabled, press alt+down arrow, and select the options you want.

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On Sat, Nov 18, 2017 at 8:37 AM, Rayn Darren <rayndarren@...> wrote:

Good afternoon all,


I’m hoping someone can help me with a major problem I’m having. Yesterday I received an excel sheet containing 3 pivot tables. The sheet was created specifically for me and a great deal of time and effort was put into it. I would really like to be able to use it. I know visually where the pivot tables  and slicers are since the creator who is sighted sat with me as we tried to figure out how I could read it. The cursor was placed on the first table and the arrow keys were used to see if I was able to hear anything, this was unsuccessful . I was able to navigate to the actual table on the page starting at cell a6 and read both vertically and horizontally as usual however. I am using Excel 2010 and the latest version of NVDA. Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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